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Species / Pyktes Triphyllon


Original description of Pyktes triphyllon by Popenoe, 1983

  • "Shell with general characters of genus, of medium-to-small size, with maximum height of adults about 32 mm, although most specimens at hand considerably shorter. Apical angle of helicocone about 45- 50. Shell consisting of six whorls; first three, probably representing the protoconch, smooth, convex, about twice as wide as high; fourth to sixth whorls rather strongly shouldered at a level about one-third height of whorl from anterior suture; whorl surface anterior to shoulder approximately parallel with shell axis; posterior to shoulder whorl, profile forming broad sloping ramp expanding anteriorly and at an angle of about 30 to shell axis; fourth and fifth whorls ornamented by seven or eight fine, revolving lines between shoulder and posterior suture, and by narrow sinuous peaked ridges aligned with growth lines, most prominent along whorl shoulder, becoming coarser and larger approaching shell maturity, numbering about 20 on last whorl. Growth-line of last whorl retrocurrent at suture, thence trending in a broad curve convex aperturally, most prominent approximately opposite anterior labral plug, thence trending adapically to rostra1 tip. A spiral belt of extra-thick callus applied in advanced-adult stage to outer surface of helicocone at base of parietal area, giving a squarish profile to shell."

Locus typicus: Member VI, north side Clover Creek Valley, 2,200 ft. W of NE corner sec. 23, T32N, R2W, Millville (1953) Quadrangle., Shasta County, California, USA.

Stratum typicum: Santonian, upper Cretaceous


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