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Species / Sinustrombus Sinuatus


Original Description of Strombus sinuatus by Lightfoot, 1786, p. 189:

  • "4022 A very perfect specimen of Strombus sinuatus, or scollop-winged Strombus, extremely rare. Seba. III. pl. 62. fig. 3. Favanne 22. A. 2."

Locus typicus: "The whereabouts of Humphrey's type of sinuatus is unknown to us. It was sold at the auction of the shell collection of the Duchess of Portland in London in 1786. No locality was given. We designate Cebu City, Cebu Island, Philippines as type locality." (Abbott, 1960, p. 61)

Seba, 1757, vol. III. pl. 62. fig. 3 (the rest was unscannable in the book Joint)

History and Synonymy

Sinustrombus sinuatus ([Lightfoot], 1786: 189) (Strombus)

  • Syn.: Strombus cristatus Lamarck, 1822: 202
  • Syn.: Strombus laciniatus “Chemnitz” Dillwyn, 1817: 663
  • Syn.: Lambis lobata Röding, 1798: 65 [non Lambis lobata Röding, 1798: 68 (= Lambis lambis (Linnaeus, 1758)]
  • Syn.: Pterocera palmata G. Fischer, 1807: 191


Description of Strombus laciniatus by Dillwyn, 1817, p. 663:

  • "LACINIATUS. 15. Shell transversely ribbed and nodulous; outer lip sinuated near the base, and much scolloped towards its upper angle; throat smooth.

Dillwyn cited:

  • "Strombus laciniatus. Chemnitz, x. p. 223. t. 158. f. 1506 and 1507.
  • Strombus sinuatus. Humphreys in Portland Cat. p. 189, lot 4022.
  • Strombus Gallus, Var. Gmelin, p. 3512.
  • Strombus, no. 50. Schroeter Einl. i. p. 466.
  • Strombus, no. 39. Schreibers Conch, i. p. 189.
  • Seba, iii. t. 62. f. 3. Spengler Selt. Conch, t. 3. f.A. Favanne, t. 22. f. A 2."

Locality: "Inhabits the East Indian Seas. Chemnitz."

  • "Shell four inches and a half long, and two inches and three-quarters broad, and has the spire more than half as long as the body-whirl; the outer lip is curved inwards in the middle, and is sinuated near the base, and plaited and laciniated towards the upper extremity; the colour is white clouded with yellowish spots, and the throat brown."


Strombus sinuatus; Kiener, 1843, pl. ?


Strombus laciniatus in Duclos, 1844, pl. 18, fig. 3, 4


Strombus laciniatus in Berge, 1847, pl. 38, fig. 3


Strombus laciniatus Reeve, 1850, pl. 11, fig. 25


Deus et al., 2013, p. 166 & pl. 167, fig. h report Sinustrombus sinuatus from Mayotte Island, Comoro Archipelago, Mozambique Channel:

  • "Sinustrombus sinuatus Humphrey, 1786
    • Description: large, spire haute semblable à un Lambis avec une épaule arrondie bien marquée, lèvre enflée presque comme L. lentiginosus. Une douzaine de plis spiraux recouvrent le dos de la lèvre, quatre ou cinq formant de courtes digitations plates et arronddies à l'arrière. Lèvre et callus blanc orangé, intérieur pourpre et rose.
    • Écologie: rare, sur le sable des récifs internes et barrière subtidaux. H= 116 mm."


Jeanette & Scott Johnson about Sinustrombus sinuatus on Kwajalein Atoll:

  • "Sinustrombus sinuatus are uncommon to rare in the Marshalls. Most Kwajalein Atoll specimens have been found on sand and rubble at the base of lagoon pinnacles at depths of about 30 to 40m. Occasional specimens can be found shallower on pinnacles, or in Halimeda patches along the lagoon interisland reefs. Several have been found on the decks of sunken World War II ships at about 35m. Specimens on the seaward reef are very rare. Shells we have measured ranged from about 88 to 107mm."

"Although usually rather rare at Kwajalein, on 5 September 2010 a number of specimens were observed on the rubbly slope of a large Kwajalein Atoll lagoon pinnacle, including several pairs and the one group of four illustrated below. They may have had a particularly good settling last year, or may have just come together for mating."

All Photos of Kwajalein Atoll-specimens courtesy Scott & Jeanette Johnson, Kwajalein Atoll

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Philippines; 2002; photo Steven Weinberg

Specimens from private collections

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Apra Harbor, Guam Island, Mariana Islands, Micronesia, USA, North Pacific Ocean; inside Glass Breakwater, 30-50 ft on sand at night; 1984; 109 mm; Coll. Paul Merrill

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Apra Harbor, Guam Island, Mariana Islands, Micronesia, USA, North Pacific Ocean; inside Glass Breakwater; Coll. Richard Salisbury

  • t: 3/1979; in sandy area near huge boulders, at night, 40 feet (12 meters); 110,0 mm
  • b: 1984; on sand, at night, 30-50 feet; 106,0; Ex-coll. Paul Merrill

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Bohol Island, Bohol Province, Central Visayas Region, Philippines; Coll. Guido & Philippe Poppe

  • 1.c: Talibon; 15 m; 2014; 104,7 mm; no. 867747
  • 2.c: Inabanga; 25 m; 2014; 115,9 mm; no. 865033
  • 3.c: Buenavista; 20 m; 2014; 118,5 mm; no. 832444

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Coll. Guido & Philippe Poppe

  • 1.c: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah State, northwest coast of Borneo island, Malaysia; dived, offshore, 20-30 m; 2009; 120,1 mm; no. 501853
  • 2.c: Olango Island, Cebu Province, Central Visayas Region, Philippines; 10-25 m; collected by local fishermen; 2009; 67,6 mm; no. 526390
  • 3.c: Cabulan Island, Bohol Island, Bohol Province, Central Visayas Region, Philippines; 22-26 m; 2012; 90,7 mm; no. 714186

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam; t: 129 mm, b: 127 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); New Caledonia, Melanesia; t: 79 mm, b: 92 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Tahiti Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia; t: 87 mm, b: 105 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Mahé Island, Seychelles Archipelago, Indian Ocean; t: 104 mm, b: 116 mm; 11/2013; Coll. Christian Börnke

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786); Phu Quoc Island, SW-Vietnam, Gulf of Thailand; taken at coral reef in 8 m on sand, rubble and seaweed; 132 mm; Coll. Francesco Giovanoli

Sinustrombus sinuatus (Lightfoot, 1786) juvenile, Sinustrombus sinuatus pearl


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  • Dillwyn, L. W. 1817: A descriptive catalogue of Recent shells, arranged according to the Linnaean method; with particular attention to the synonymy. In two volumes. London, printed for John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill. xii + 580 p.; 581-1092 + [29] p., Fulltext
  • [Lightfoot, J.] 1786. A catalogue of the Portland Museum, lately the property of the Duchess Dowager of Portland, deceased: Which will be sold by auction by Mr. Skinner and Co. On Monday the 24th of April, 1786, and the thirty-seven following days (...) at her late dwelling-house, in Privy-Garden, Whitehall, by order of the Acting Executrix. - pp. i-viii [= 1-8], 3-194, pl. [1]. [London]. (Skinner). Fulltext
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