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Species / Sinustrombus


Original Diagnosis of Sinustrombus by Bandel, 2007, p. 155:

  • "The type species is Strombus taurus REEVE, 1857, with pointed spire (45) with ornament of short median ribs. The outer lip has lobes at end of ribs and spines on the posterior corner. It is attached to the spire. The callus of the inner lip expands onto the base of spire but remains close to the aperture and narrow. The siphon is short, open and twisted up. Shell size ranges between 85130 mm (ABBOTT, 1960: pl. 17, figs. 34). Strombus oldi EMERSON, 1965, is included that has a more rounded projections on the outer lip. Strombus taurus resembles Strombus (Lambis) lambis regarding the outer lip, but has shorter spines. Similar is Strombus (Tricornis) tricornis that connects to Strombus (Latissistrombus) latissimus with comparable shell size but its outer lip wider and more thickened."

Type species is Strombus taurus Reeve, 1857

Sinustrombus species are:

There are hybrids known in Sinustrombus

  • t: (from left to right)
    • Sinustrombus latissimus (Linnaeus, 1758)
    • Sinustrombus sinuatus ([Lightfoot], 1786)
    • Sinustrombus taurus (Reeve, 1857)
  • b: (from left to right)
    • Sinustrombus latissimus x sinuatus hybrid form
    • Lambis lambis x Sinustrombus latissimus hybrid form
    • Sinustrombus sinuatus x taurus hybrid form

Etymology: Bandel, 2007: "The subgenus has received its name from the sinus bearing outer lip in free combination to Sinustrombus."

History and Synonymy

Sinustrombus Bandel, 2007

  • Syn.: Latissistrombus Bandel, 2007 (Kronenberg, 2008: 340)
  • Syn.: Solidistrombus Dekkers, 2008a: 44 [in pars, see Kronenberg, 2008: 340]


  • Bandel, 2007
  • Kronenberg, G.C., 2008. An intergeneric hybrid (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Strombidae) with remarks on the subdivision of Indo-Pacific Tricornis. Basteria 72(4-6): 331-343.

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