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Species / Sinustrombus Sinuatus X Taurus


Sinustrombus sinuatus x taurus; hybrid form; Guam Island, Mariana Islands, Micronesia, USA, North Pacific Ocean; Photo Bob Abela; Coll. Fred Schroeder

Report about S. sinuatus x taurus hybrid form from Guam by Bob Abela:

  • "I believe the specimen was collected from Hospital Point where an established population of S. taurus exists. S. sinuatus, by all observations, is much more restricted on Guam. A known S. sinuatus population exists just inside the Glass Breakwater (Apra Harbor) and is generally not associated to Hospital Point. I can only speculate that a veliger of S. sinuatus settled on S. taurus "grounds" and hybridized for lack of a better mate."


  • KRONENBERG, Gijs C. 2008. An intergeneric hybrid (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Strombidae) with remarks on the subdivision of Indo-Pacific Tricornis. Basteria 72 (4-6): 331-343.

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