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Species / Strombiconus


Original Description of the genus Strombiconus by Marks, 1951, p. 141(411):

  • "Description (based on two specimens of the type species). Shell biconic, moderately large, with sharply angulated shoulders, narrow, elongate aperture, and shallow anterior notch. Sculpture of fine spiral striae on spire whorls and base of body whorl. No anal notch. Parietal wall thinly calloused. Outer lip straight posteriorly, slightly antecurrent below shoulder, retrocurrent toward base, thin-edged, interiorly smooth, unemarginate. Anterior notch barely defined, shallow. Siphonal fasciole moderately raised, sculptured by growth wrinkles, continuing beneath columellar callus.

Comment Marks, 1951, p. 141 (411):

  • "The general appearance of the type species is that of a high-spired cone; but the lack of an anal notch, the salient outer lip, and the calloused parietal wall are not characters of the genus Conus. The calloused parietal wall, bulging siphonal fascicle, nearly straight growth lines on the whorl shoulders and salient outer lip resemble features of Strombus; but the tubercled angulation and "stromboid notch" of Strombus are not present on Strombiconus. The nucleus of Strombiconus is not known, but there is no indication on later whorls of any strong nepionic ornamentation such as occurs on Strombus and Clavella. Leucozonia has a similar spire, a siphonal fasciole, and an anterior notch, but its plicated columella and toothed "stromboid notch" are foreign to Strombiconus."

Type Species: Strombiconus ecuadorensis Marks 1951; lower Miocene, Ecuador, by original designation

Strombiconus species are


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