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Species / Strombiconus Ecuadorensis


Original Description of Strombiconus ecuadorensis by Marks, 1951, p. 142 (412):

  • "Description (based on holotype and one paratype). Shell rather large, biconic, thick-shelled. Nucleus unknown. Spire of about five whorls with sharply angulated shoulders, concave posteriorly, ornamented by fine spiral striae crossed by growth-lines, with pleural angle of 75 degrees. Body whorl with sharply angulated shoulder, concave posteriorly, ornamented only by growth-lines and fine spiral striae about base. No anal notch. Parietal wall thinly calloused. Outer lip straight posteriorly, slightly antecurrent below shoulder, retrocurrent anteriorly, most salient at middle, thin-edged, unemarginate. Columella without folds. Anterior canal barely defined, shallow. Siphonal fasciole low, terminal, marked by curved lines of growth, continuing beneath parietal callus.

Locus typicus: Subibaja Formation, near Carrizal, Guayas Province, Ecuador

Stratum typicum: Lower Miocene

Dimensions: "Dimensions of holotype: length (nearly complete) 47.0 mm., diameter (nearly complete) 29.6 mm. Dimensions of paratype. Length (early whorls missing) 44.0 mm., diameter (nearly complete) 30.6 mm."

Strombiconus ecuadorensis Marks, 1951, pl. 9, fig. 10, 11

Comment Marks, 1951, p. 142 (412):

  • "No close relations of this unique shell are recognized. It occurs only in the Subibaja formation, Lower Miocene of the northern Progreso Basin, associated with Cavilucina cf. C. sechura (Olsson), Clinura sp., Ficus sp., Conus, and Turritella conquistadorana Hanna and Israelsky.

Types: "Material. Holotype no. 20499, Paleontological Research Institution, from locality I.P.C. 11092, 5.4 kilometers N 38 W of Carrizal, Guayas Province, Ecuador; paratype no. 20500, from locality 11138, 1.3 kilometers S 17 W of Carrizal."


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