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Species / Strombus Acanthospira


Original Diagnosis of Strombus acanthospira by Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011, p. 239:

  • "A Strombus species with a narrow-fusiform shell with tall pointed spire, bearing strongly developed pointed knobs at shoulder, penultimate whorl strongly coronate, spiral sculpture much reduced, clearly present only immediately below suture and on base, adult whorls with prominent sinuous axial growth lines, aperture relatively small, outer lip not expanded above suture, stromboid notch relatively narrow and deep, columella callus not greatly expanded."

Original Description of Strombus acanthospira by Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011, p. 239:

  • "Shell medium-sized for genus, slender; spire elevated, pointed, consisting of seven to eight whorls, bearing strong elevated knobs; last whorl relatively small, narrow; protoconch worn; early teleoconch whorls convex, somewhat abraded, sculptured by 1617 prosocline axial ribs and flattened spiral cords separated by narrow grooves; intermediate whorls angled at shoulder; subsutural ramp broad, concave, with 1011 pointed knobs at shoulder, spiral sculpture of weak cords, most strongly developed on subsutural ramp; abapically shoulder knobs rapidly gain in strength, becoming long elevated, horizontally-flattened spines, spiral sculpture weakens, only visible immediately below adapical suture; knobs strongest on penultimate whorl, forming a strongly coronate shoulder; last three teleoconch whorls further sculptured by close-set, sinuous growth lines, most evident on subsutural ramp; suture superficial, linear; last whorl relatively small, 6768% of total height, narrow, with concave subsutural ramp, sharp knobs at shoulder, much smaller than those on penultimate whorl, hardly constricted at base; axial sculpture consists of prominent sinuous growth lines, spiral sculpture reduced to a few fine threads immediately below suture forming a weak subsutural collar, a further 1015 cords on base; aperture small, 4244% total height, narrow, elongate, outer lip flared, not ascending adapically above suture, smooth or lirate within; stromboid notch relatively narrow and deep; anal canal hardly developed, narrow groove; siphonal canal open, very short, weakly recurved; columella straight, smooth; columella and parietal callus weakly expanded; no color pattern preserved, callus white."

Strombus acanthospira Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011; Holotype; Ground Creek Unit, Calabrian, Pleistocene; Ground Creek, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama, Caribbean sea; height 61.2 mm; Coll. NMB nr. H18372; Photo Virgilio Liverani.

  • Figured in Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011: figs. 41-5

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