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Species / Strombus Capelettii


Original Description of Strombus (Strombus) capelettii by Petuch, 1994, p. 261:

  • "Shell of average size for genus, elongated, with sharply-angled shoulder; spire very elevated, protracted, scalariform; body whorl smooth, polished, with 10-12 widely-spaced cords around anterior end and 2-3 cords around subsutural area; shoulder of body whorl with 8-10 large, flattened, sharply-pointed spikes; earlier whorls with smaller knoblike spikes; spire whorls heavily sculptured with 8-10 large spiral cords; stromnoid notch narrow but deep.

Types: holotype UF66213

Locus typicus: Holey Land Fauna, from Capeletti Brothers pit #11, N.W. 47th west of Florida Turnpike, Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA

Stratum typicum: Holey Land Member of the Bermont Formation, Calabrian, Pleistocene

Strombus capelettii Petuch, 1994; Holey Land Member of the Bermont Formation, Calabrian, Pleistocene; Capelettii Bros Pit, Dade County, Miami, Florida, USA; 93,8 mm; Coll. Melanie Briskin

Strombus capelettii Petuch, 1994; Okeechobee Formation, Pleistocene; Ridgdill Pit, Florida, USA; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp no. SSS 24528

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