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Species / Strombus Elegantissimus

Strombus Elegantissimus


Original Diagnosis of Strombus elegantissimus by Landau et al., 2011, p. 345:

  • "A Strombus species with an elongated shell; spire elevated angular composed of eight whorls, sculptured by narrow, close-set spiral cords and axial ribs on early teleoconch whorls; on second half of penultimate whorl abrupt change in sculpture with loss of axial and spiral sculpture; adult whorls smooth except for axial growth lines, most clearly developed over subsutural platform; outer lip not extending beyond suture, weakly callused, outer lip and columella devoid of lirae; stromboid notch broad and shallow."

Original Description of Strombus elegantissimus by Landau et al., 2011, p. 345:

  • "Shell medium-sized for genus, elongate, spire very tall, pointed, composed of eight angular whorls, last whorl relatively large; protoconch tall, consisting of 3.5 smooth, elevated, convex whorls nucleus small; junction with teleoconch clearly delimited by beginning of axial sculpture; early teleoconch whorls convex, with periphery mid-whorl; later whorls angular, with periphery at shoulder; suture impressed, linear; early teleoconch whorls sculptured by close-set, raised, narrow, slightly opistocyrt axial ribs, about 25 per whorl and narrow spiral cords, about 12 per whorl, separated by narrow grooves; two irregularly placed varices present per whorl; sculpture changes on fourth whorl, whorls become angular at shoulder, with a narrow subsutural collar bearing two stronger spiral cords, subsutural ramp broad, slightly concave, whorl straight sided below to abapical suture, axial ribs wider spaced abapically, forming a pointed tubercle at shoulder; second half of penultimate whorl sculpture changes again, with disappearance of both axial and spiral elements and appearance of close-set sinusoid growth lines, most strongly developed over subsutural platform; last whorl not particularly expanded, subsutural collar poorly defined, bearing one or two weak spiral cords, subsutural platform narrow, concave, roundly angled at shoulder, whorl broadly convex below, bearing about 11 well developed spiral cords covering base; aperture narrow, elongate, outer lip not extending adapically above suture, smooth within; stromboid notch broad and shallow; siphonal canal open, relatively short, narrow for genus, hardly recurved; columellar callus well delimited and expanded, but very thin, represented by columellar wash over ventral aspect of last whorl; columella usually smooth, possibly lirate; no color pattern preserved."

Strombus elegantissimus Paratype 1; Bocas, Escudo de Veraguas, Long Bay Point, ~30m E of CJ87-11-01, Panama; Escudo de Veraguas Formation, late Pliocene PPP 00178 (=NMB 17626) NMB H18450, height 62.7 mm. Photo: Virgilio Liverani.

  • Figured in Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011: figs. 7—7-9
  • Second row: same species, same data, not figured in Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011

Strombus elegantissimus; Holotype. Panama, Bocas, Escudo de Veraguas, small island about 600m W of 2207 “Cerre Antoine” upper part of Escudo de Veraguas Formation, Gelasian, Pleistocene PPP 02172 (=NMB 18671) NMB H18451, height 62.1 mm. Photo: Virgilio Liverani.

  • Figured in Landau, Kronenberg, Herbert & Silva, 2011: pl. 7, figs. 4-6

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