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Species / Strombus Erici

Strombus Erici


Original Description of Strombus (Strombus) erici by Petuch, 1994, p. 262:

  • "Shell of average size for genus, extremely elongated, fusiform; shoulder rounded, poorly developed, almost nonexistent; spire extremely protracted, scalariform, almost half of total shell length; body whorl sculptured with 25-30 large, evemly-spaced spiral cords; spire whorls with 7-8 large spiral cords; body and spire whorls devoid of any knobs or spines; stromboid notch wide, relatively shallow."

Types: "UF66212, Length 96 mm"

Locus typicus: "Griffin Brothers pit, Holey Land area, southwestern Palm Beach County"

Strombus erici Petuch, 1994; Holotype; Coll. & Copyright Florida Museum of Natural History, UF Catalog Number: 66212

Specimens from private collections

Strombus erici Petuch, 1994; Holey Land Member, Bermont Formation, middle Pleistocene; Palm Beach Aggregates, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA; Det. Petuch; Ex-coll. Petuch; Coll. Rupert Hochleitner


  • Petuch, E.J. 1994. Atlas of Florida fossil shells (Pliocene and Pleistocene marine Gastropods). Department of Geology, Florida Atlantic University and The Graves Museum of Archeology and Natural History. Chicago Spectrum Press, 394 pp.

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