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Species / Strombus Leurus


Original Description of Strombus leurus by Woodring, 1928, p. 326:

  • "Shell medium-sized, relatively thin and slender, spire moderately high, smoothly conical. Aperture relatively narrow. Siphonal notch apparently shallow. Pillar and base of columella slender. Inner lip and parietal wall thickly coated with callus. Posterior part of parietal wall bearing several low heavy wrinkles well within aperture. Outer lip extending upward beyond suture of preceding whorl, not .shouldered or notched at posterior end. Stromboid notch on outer lip very shallow. Interior of basal part of outer lip lirate. Early whors, or all whorls except body whorl, bearing low, broad varices, which generally are eroded, leaving pits. Early whorls sculptured with low crowded axial ribs, between which lie spiral threads. Axials disappearing on about fourth whorl, but the spirals continue and then gradually disappear. Later whorls smooth."

Locus typicus: Bowden, Jamaica

Stratum typicum: Miocene

Measurements holotype: Length 61.2 mm.; diameter 29.4 mm. (apex and pillar broken).

Types: paratype USNM No. MO369622

Strombus leurus Woodring, 1928, pl.24, fig.05


  • Woodring, W. P. 1928. Miocene Mollusks from Bowden, Jamaica. Part II. Gastropods and discussion of results. Carnegie Institute of Washington Publication 385: vii + 564 pp., 40 pls.

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