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Species / Strombus Lindae


Original Description of Strombus lindae by Petuch, 1991:

  • "Shell small for genus, elongated, slender, with high, elevated, protracted spire; shoulder angled, somewhat rounded; spire whorls and penultimate whorl with 10 to 12 small, blunt, knoblike spines, althoug some specimens (paratype) have a few small obsolete spines on dorsum of body whorl; spire whorls and body whorl heavily ornamented with large, evenly spaced spiral cords; mid-dorsum of body whorl often with smooth patch, devoid of spiral sculpture; stromboid notch deep, well developed; inner edge of lip with numerous elongated denticles; anterior end of columella with 5 to 10 elongated denticles."

Locus typicus: from canal dredging (15 m depth) along North New River Canal, along U.S. Highway 27, 22 km south of South Bay, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA

Stratum typicum: Holey Land Unit, Okeechobee Formation, Pleistocene

Types: holotype: CM35700, paratypes: CM35701 and Petuch collection

Strombus lindae Petuch, 1991; Holotype; Coll. Carnegie Museum of Natural History, No. CM 35700; Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Strombus lindae Petuch, 1991; Paratypes; Coll. Carnegie Museum of Natural History, No. CM 35701; Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Etymology: named for Ed Petuchs wife Linda J. Petuch.

History and Synonymy


Strombus lindae dowlingorum Petuch, 2004

Specimens from institutional collection

Strombus lindae Petuch, 1991; Okeechobee Formation, Pleistocene; North New River Canal, FLorida, USA; coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp HES 20212

Strombus lindae Petuch, 1991; River Canal, Florida, USA; Okeechobee Formation, Pleistocene; coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp SSS 24253

Specimens from private collections

Strombus lindae Petuch, 1991; Pliocene; South Bay, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA; 75 mm; Coll. Hochleitner


  • Petuch, E. J. (1991). New gastropods from the Plio-Pleistocene of southwestern Florida and the Everglades Basin. WH Dall Paleontological Research Center, Florida Atlantic University
  • Petuch, E. J. (2003). Cenozoic seas: the view from eastern North America. CRC Press

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