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Species / Struthiolaria Frazeri

Struthiolaria Frazeri


Original Description of Struthiolaria frazeri by Hutton, 1884:

  • "Shell large, elongated, spirally grooved. Whorls 67, keeled and flattened laterally so that the spire is distinctly gradated. Usually a row of small tubercles on the keel, about 10 on a whorl. On both sides of the keel the whorls are deeply spirally grooved; three or four grooves behind the keel, and four or five in front of it, on the spire whorls. Body whorl with about ten spiral grooves in front of the keel; the anterior part of the shell is spirally striated only. Aperture ovate; inner lip with a large continuous callus, the columella slightly bent; outer lip reflexed, produced in the middle."

Locus typicus: Kikowheru Creek, Hawke's Bay, North Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Pliocene

Dimensions Holotype: Length, 3.0 inch; breadth, 1.8 inch.

Struthiolaria frazeri Hutton, 1884; Pliocene; Kikowheru Creek, Hawke's Bay, North Island, New Zealand; Coll. BM(NH), No. G.9545; Copyright BM(NH)

History and Synonymy


Struthiolaria frazeri; in Harris, 1897, pl. 6, fig. 10 a, b


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