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Species / Struthiolaria Papulosa

Struthiolaria Papulosa


History and Synonymy


Spengler described and pictured Struthiolaria papulosa.


Struthiolaria straminea in Sowerby, 1842, pl. V, fig. 16, 18, 20

Struthiolaria gigas in Sowerby, 1842, pl. V, fig. 17


Buccinum papulosum Martyn (reprinted in Chenu, 1845) pl. 54 (Chenu: pl. 17, fig. 2)


Struthiolaria papulosa in Reeve, 1851, Struthiolaria, pl. 1, fig. 3

Specimen from institutional collections

Struthiolaria papulosa (Martyn, 1786); Pliocene; Wanganui, New Zealand; ex Coll. Hector; Coll. BM(NH) No. G 9544, Copyright BM(NH)

Struthiolaria papulosa; lower pleistocene, Shakespeare Group; Castlecliff, Wanganui, New Zealand; coll. BSPG no. 1971 I

Struthiolaria papulosa; Castlecliffian, Pleistocene; Castlecliff, Wanganui, New Zealand; Coll. BM(NH); Copyright BM(NH)

Struthiolaria papulosa; Castlecliffian, Pleistocene; Rangitawa, Rangitikei District, New Zealand; Coll. BM(NH); Copyright BM(NH)

Specimen from private collections

Struthiolaria papulosa; Maori Beach, Stewart Island, New Zealand; 2009; 90,5 mm; Coll. Wieneke UW2535

Struthiolaria papulosa; Stewart Island, New Zealand; 2009; 75,9 mm; Coll. Wieneke UW2536

Struthiolaria papulosa; New Zealand; 2009; 79,5 mm; Coll. Chong Chen

Struthiolaria papulosa dwarf, Leigh, New Zealand; on the beach after Cyclone, 1/1997, Coll. Wieneke

  • t: UW2537: 47,5 mm
  • m: UW2538: 47,1 mm
  • b: UW2539: 46,0 mm

Struthiolaria papulosa growth series; Port Willunga, S. Australia (?); Coll. Cor Karnekamp

Variability of Struthiolaria papulosa

  • l: normal growth, spiny
  • m: dwarf
  • r: giant, not spiny


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