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Species / Terebellum Olympiae


Locus typicus: Watumurah, Nanggulan, Yogyakarta Special Region, Java Island, Indonesia

Stratum typicum: Nanggulan formation, Bartonian, Eocene

Description: the shell is slender, tapered, and becomes narrower at both extremities. The spire is exposed, not very high and the last worl covers almost completely the precedings, excluded the apical portion. The spiral suture is almost even and distinctly channeled. The stoma is narrow, long and spreads out in a slim upper limb. The growth lines are somewhat prosocyrth, as well the extrem lip. Remarks: this species is similar to Seraphs sopitus, but is more slender and not so narrow in the anterior side. It is also similar to Seraphs subconvolutus for it's slender form, but the sutures are more carved and less even. (omissis)


  • Virgilio Liverani: Terebellum olympiae is very probably a slender species of Seraphs, similar to Seraphs leukoleptus or Seraphs subconvolutus. The types are preserved as steinkerns (internal prints) and all Seraphidae steinkerns are similar, regardless the genus, showing a normally coiled spire; the sensation of channeled sutures comes from the shell material disappeared. In Seraphs is only the external layer of the shell that covers the previous worls, the spire inside is normal, not flat as in a Bullidae. In all eocene-oligocene localities were well preserved Seraphsidae have been found, never have been found a clearly identifiable Terebellum. It is very probable that Terebellum evolved during the Miocene from a Seraphs with a start of spiral suture like Seraphs subconvolutus. The miocene Terebellum papilliferum have a short spire and is still similar to Seraphs subconvolutus.


  • Rolando, A. (2001).The new species Terebellum olympiae (Gastropoda, Seraphidae) from the middle eocene mollusc assemblage of Nanggulan (Yogyakarta province, Java, Indonesia). Memorie di Scienze Geologiche, university of Padova, Italy vol.53: 41-44

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