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Species / Thersitea


Original Description of the genus Thersitea by Coquand, 1862:

  • "Ce genre comprend des coquilles irrégulières, fusiformes, dont le dernier tour s'épaissit considérablement à la suture et forme une espèce de loupe très-développée, qui déjette la coquille vers la droite et oblige la labre, ainsi que le canal, á suivre ce mouvement anormal. Ce genre est très-voisin du genre Cyrtulus de Hinds; seulement, dans ce dernir, la callosité circonscrit la canal, qui est complètement oblitéré, tandis que dans le premier le canal est persistant."

Type species is Thersita ponderosa Coquand, 1862 from Eocene of Tunesia designation by Savornin, 1914

Thersitea species are:

might belong to Thersitea

History and Synonymy


Bandel, 2007, p. 141:

  • "Genus Thersitea COQUAND, 1862 The type species is Thersitea gracilis COQUAND, 1862 from the Eocene of Tunesia."
  • "Diagnostic characters: The callus on the inner lip forms a thickened posterior pad. The shell is more angular than that of Orthaulax but has a similar aperture. Between callus pad of the posterior inner lip and the outer lip a narrow slit is developed (SAVAZZI, 1991: fig. 9C–F) and the thick callus pad of the posterior inner lip had been present also in some juvenile whorls of the teleoconch."
  • "Remarks: ABBOTT (1960) agreed with COSSMANN (1904) and WENZ (1938) that Thersitea from the Eocene is not a member of the Strombidae. SAVORNIN (1915) noted two species from the Eocene NW Africa, of which Thersitea gracilis has a pointed spire and Thersitea ponderosa COQUANDE, 1862 has a short spire. Thersitea is the least well known of the three genera of the Thersiteidae and has been named earliest. It may be that difference of the species representing the family are so small, that one genus is sufficient, which should be Thersitea."


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  • Trechmann, C. T., 1925. The Scotland Beds of Barbados. Geological Magazine, 62(11), 481

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