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Species / Tibia Protofusus


Original Description of Rostellaria protofusus by Vredenburg, 1928, p. 373:

  • "Medium-sized, slender. Spire-whorls regularly and rather strongly convex, and rather low, their height scarcely exceeding half their breadth. The earlier whorls up to a diameter of 10 millimetres are decorated with very numerous narrow, sharp, crowded, slightly curvilinear costae. They become relatively more crowded as the diameter of the whorls increases. Both th costae and interspaces are delicately decussated by numerous fine spiral striations. On approaching the body-whorl the spiral decoration disappears, the ribs become less prominent and are finally replaced on the body-whorl itself by lines of growth. The base carries numerous, crowded, strongly raised though very fine spiral threads, narrower than the intervening spaces."
  • Vredenburg, 1928, p. 372 cited Rostellaria rectirostris Sowerby, 1840, pl. XXVI, fig. 18

Stratum typicum: early Miocene


  • India
  • Pakistan

Rostellaria rectirostris in J.d.C. Sowerby, 1840, pl. XXVI, fig. 18

History and Synonymy


  • Recombined as Tibia protofusus by Mukerjee, 1939.


Kulkarni et al., 2010, p. 338:

  • "26. Tibia protofusus (Vredenburg) comb. nov. [=Rostellaria protofusus (Vredenburg)]. So far reported only from the Miocene of Kachchh."


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  • E. Vredenburg. 1928. Description of Mollusca from the post-Eocene Tertiary formation of north-western India: Gastropoda (in part) and Lamellibranchiata. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India 50(2):351-506

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