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Species / Tibia Serrata


Rostellaria serrata Perry, 1811, pl. 11, fig. 2

History and Synonymy


in Favanne, 1780, pl. LXXIX, fig. Y


Rostellaria favannii in Kiener, 1843, pl. ?, fig. 2


  • G. Kronenberg: "The topic Tibia serrata was adressed in a number of papers, but most of them were more or less copied (that is the illustration) from the original published in 1780 by Favanne. Whether this illustration was based on an existing specimen or that it was a drawing based on someone's fantasy will probably be a riddle forever. The specimen itself (Perry was the first to make a name available) has never been seen again. Based on a specimen of a species of Tibia, found near Bandar Abbas, Iran, a neotype for Tibia serrata was selected. This neotype selection by Nicolay in Romagna Manoja, 1977 however does not meet the requirements of the International Code for Zoological Nomenclature for a number (three or four) of reasons. The specimen figured by Romagna Manoja (also on the cover of that issue) is probably an aberrant specimen of the species known as Tibia curta (Sowerby II, 1842).



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