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Species / Tibia Sindiensis


Original description of Rostellaria sindiensis by Vredenburg, 1925:

  • "Small, rather broadly conical. Spire-whorls convex, low, their height scarcely exceeding half their width ornamented with very crowded narrow ribs and equally crowded spiral striae. Their are a few thin varices on the earliest whorls up to a diameter of about 2 millimeters. The axial ornaments are not continuedn the base which carries spiral sulci, wider and wider-spaced than on the spire.

Locus typicus: Nari of Bhagothoro Hill, Sind, Pakistan

Stratum typicum: Oligocene


  • Recombined as Tibia sindiensis by Iqbal (1969)


  • Vredenburg, 1925
  • M.W.A. Iqbal 1969. Mega-fauna from the Ghazij Formation (Lower Eocene) Quetta Shahrig area, West Pakistan. Mem. Geol. Surv. Pakistan Palaeontol. Pakistanica 5, 140.
  • M.W.A. Iqbal 1980. Oligo-Miocene bivalves and gastropods from Kirthar Province, lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. Records of the Geological Society of Pakistan 51:1-59

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