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Species / Tricornis Oldi

Tricornis Oldi


History and Synonymy

Tricornis oldi (Emerson, 1965: 397) (Strombus (Tricornis) oldi)

Specimens from private collections

Tricornis oldi Emerson, 1965; Somalia, Indian Ocean; 130 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Tricornis oldi Emerson, 1965; Mogadishu, Banaadir Region, Somalia, Indian Ocean; t: 117 mm, b: 112 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Tricornis oldi Emerson, 1965; Ras Hafun, Bari Region, Puntland State, Somalia, Indian Ocean; 113 mm; 1988; Coll. Chong Chen
Comment Chong Chen:

  • The "Bill Old's Conch" is one of the greatest collector's items in Strombidae. Characterised by a chocolate stripe inside the apertute, it is endemic to Somalia and Oman where it is rarely found in shallow water. It was named after Bill Old (then scientific assistant at AMNH), probably the first person to notice its scientific novelty, by his supervisor Dr William K. Emerson. It is very variable in lip development and most specimens are quite worn. Perfect specimens are still very scarce even today.

Strombus oldi Emerson, 1965; Somalia; live taken, subadult(?); 122 mm; 1986; Coll. Koenraad De Turck


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