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Species / Tricornis


Tricornis Jousseaume, 1886: 220.

  • Type species by monotypy Tricornis tricornis = Strombus tricornis [Lightfoot], 1786

The species of the genus Tricornis are:

might belong to Tricornis or forms a separate group together with Tricornis tuberosus and Tricornis maximus


  • "A lot of species formerly placed in Tricornis are now placed into different genera."


  • Jousseaume, F., 1886. Coquilles marines des cotes d'Abyssinie et de Zanzibar, recueilis par M. Raffray en 1873 et en 1874. Le Naturaliste SÚrie 1, 3: 220-222, Fulltext

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