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Species / Tulochilus Jouberti

Tulochilus Jouberti


Original description of Drepanocheilus (Tulochilus) jouberti by Kiel & Bandel, 2002

  • ”The protoconch consists of four smooth whorls, the initial one being very small, the following increasing rapidly in size. The first whorls of the teleoconch are ornamented with axial ribs and fine spiral lirae. The ribs become more oblique on the later whorls. A nodose keel appears in the lower third of the whorl and is well developed from the fourth whorl onward. The ribs disappear on the body whorl, where the strong nodose keel is joined by two smooth keels below it, the second of which is the stronger one. The aperture is long and narrow, ends posteriorly in a grooved spine that is almost as high as the spire. The outer lip is bent upwards ending in a spine that is grooved on its inside. The inner lip is covered by callus. The holotype is 13 mm high and wide.”

Locus typicus: Mouth of Umzamba River, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Stratum typicum: The Santonian lower portion of the Umzamba Formation, upper Cretaceous

Holotype: SAM PCP 13787 (SAM: South African Museum in Cape Town, South Africa)

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