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Species / Tylospira Clathrata


Original Description of Pelicaria clathrata by Tate, 1889, p. 170:

  • "Shell ovate, spire acuminated, whorls six convex, suture linear or slightly impressed. Surface ornamented with numerous lamelliform rugae, becoming confluent by twos and threes or more at the anterior-third to form ridges, and by spiral threads abont ten in number. Last whorl quadrate, depressed in the medial part, with a row of small acute nodulations at the shoulder, and a thickened ridge at the periphery; ornamented with sigmoidal lamelliform rugae and lines of growth which are cancellated by numerous longitudinal ridges. Callus-enamel spreading over the columella and body-whorl for two-thirds of its length and over-lapping on the penultimate whorl."

Locus typicus: "Bairnsdale, Gippsland (W.H. Gregson!)"

Pelicaria clathrata Tate, 1889, pl. X, fig. 9


  • R. Tate, 1885. Miscellaneous contributions to the palaeontology of the older rocks of Austrlia. Southern Science Record and Magazine of Natural History (n.s.) 1(1), 1-5.
  • R. Tate, 1889. The gastropods of the older Tertiary of Australia. (Part II). Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 11, 116-174, pl. 2-10.
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