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Species / Tylospira


Original description of Tylospira by Harris, 1897:

  • "Spire elevated, conical, whorls partially or entirely covered by a deposit of enamel, in which last-mentioned character it differs, chiefly, from Struthiolaria. This enamel may be quite thin, so as to form a mere film, or it may consist of thick, callous material covering the whole spire, rendering the shell almost spherical."

Type species of Tylospira is Buccinum scutulatum Martyn, 1784

Tylospira species are:


  • Harris, 1897, Cat. Tert. Moll. Brit. Mus., 1, 222.
  • J. D. Stilwell (2002). Early evolutionary history of Monalaria (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Struthiolariidae) from the Palaeogene of New Zealand. Alcheringa 25. 395-405.

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