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Species / Tylospira Puteana


Original description of Tylospira puteana by Darragh, 1991

  • "Shell small to medium size for genus (22-37 mm), ovate with gradate spire of 4 to 5 shouldered whorls, about one-third height of shell. Protoconch of one large whorl, slightly deviated from axis of shell, somewhat irregular and merging abruptly with teleoconch whorls. Teleoconch whorls immediately anterior to protoconch regularly convex with shoulder developing on second whorl and rapidly becoming stronger; whorls flat anterior and posterior to shoulder. Sutures impressed. Spiral sculpture of fine, somewhat irregularly spaced threads, much finer than interspaces developing on first adult whorl; 4-5 posterior to shoulder, 4 anterior to shoulder. Axial sculpture of fine closely spaced plicae present on edge of shoulder only. Last whorl and all penultimate whorl in some specimens covered with thick callus, obscuring all underlying sculpture, deeply grooved at posterior suture to produce narrow sutural channel with sharp rim. Callus sculptured with somewhat coarse, irregularly spaced bisinuous growth striae. Aperture lenticular, slightly notched posteriorly and anteriorly; columella arched, covered with thin glaze, somewhat thickened anteriorly; outer lip bisinuous and produced adaperturally at anterior third of lip. Siphonal fasciole weak. Surviving colour pattern of widely spaced, faint orange bands."

Locus typicus: Forest Road, Banjup, Western Australia.

Stratum typicum: Late Pliocene, Early Pleistocene.


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