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Species / Tylospira Incilata


Original description of Tylospira incilata by Darragh, 1991:

  • "Shell of medium to large size for genus (32-47 mm), ovate with gradate spire of five to six whorls with deeply grooved sutures, about one-third height of shell. Protoconch of about one smooth whorl, irregular in shape, swollen, merging somewhat abruptly into the teleoconch whorls. First teleoconch whorl regularly convex, with slight shoulder developing on second whorl, shoulder becomes weaker on penultimate whorl. Suture with deep narrow channel developing from beginning of second whorl. Spite whorls deeply canaliculated at suture, mid whorl slightly convex to subrectangular, constricted at anterior third. Spiral sculpture of numerous close set-threads, about 21-25 on penultimate whorl. Axial sculpture of narrow plicae, first appearing at end of second spire whorl, extending from shoulder anteriorly to constriction posterior to suture, 20-24 plicae on last uncallused whorl. Last whorl and up to one-fourth of penultimate whorl covered in thick callus obscuring all underlying sculpture; callus sculptured with course bisinuous growth striae. Last whorl on mature specimens, large up to two-third of shell height, composed of callus, channeled at suture, convex anterior to channel and constricted anteriorly. Aperture lenticular, slightly notched posteriorly, more deeply notched anteriorly; columella covered with thin glaze; outer lip bisinuous and produced adaperturally at anterior third. Siphonal fasciole weak."

Locus typicus: 1.3 km NNW of junction of Wingaroo and Melrose Roads, Memana, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia.

Stratum typicum: Memana Formation, Werrikooian?, Late Pliocene.

Specimens from private collections

Tylospira incilata; Pleistocene, Memana Formation; Dam on Coral Glen Property, Memana, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia; 36 mm; Coll. Adam Anderson


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