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Species / Tylospira Coronata


Original Description of Pelicaria coronata by Tate, 1889, p. 171:

  • "Shell ovate, spire acute, whorls eight, angled, suture chanelled. Surface ornamented with transverse striae and spiral ridges, and a row of small nodulations and separated from the suture by a broad and deep groove. Callus-enamel spreding over the whole of the body-whorl and the anterior-half of the penultimate whorl."
  • "Dimensions. - Length and breadth of shell, 45 and 32; of aperture 23 and 14."

Locus typicus: Muddy Creek, at McDonald's bank, Yulecart near Hamilton, Victoria State, Australia

Stratum typicum: Muddy Creek Formation, Balcombian, middle Miocene

Localities: "Upper beds at Muddy Creek (J. Dennant); Gippsland beds at Cunninghame, Jemmy's Point. and Reeve's River (W.H. Gregson!); well-sinking, Murray Desert (R.T.)"

Pelicaria coronata Tate, 1889, pl. X, fig. 6, 13

Comment Tate, 1889:

  • "Of the two fossil species, P. coronata makes the nearest approach to P. scutulata, but it has a shorter spire, nodulate rather than crenate on the keel, whilst the canaliculate suture of the body-whorl is very distinctive."

History and Synonymy


Tylospira coronata; in Harris, 1897, pl. 6, fig. 9 a, b


Struthiolaria (Pelicaria) coronata in Cossmann, 1904, pl. VIII, fig. 5, 6

Specimens from institutional collections

Tylospira coronata (Tate, 1889); Muddy Creek Formation, Balcombian, Middle Miocene; Muddy Creek, 7km west of Hamilton, Victoria, Australiaa; 35 mm; Coll. BM(NH), No. G.4293; Copyright BM(NH)

Tylospira coronata (Tate, 1889); Pliocene; Kalimna Bluff, Lake Entrance, Victoria State, Australia; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp, No. 55901

Tylospira coronata (Tate, 1889); 60 m above McDonalds bank, Pliocene; Muddy Creek, 7km west of Hamilton, Victoria State, Australia; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp, No. 35049

Specimens from private collections

Tylospira coronata (Tate, 1889); Cameron Inlet Formation, Pliocene; Flinders Island, Tasmania State, Australia; 42,0 mm; Coll. Wieneke, No. UW2540

Tylospira coronata (Tate, 1889); Lower Pliocene; McDonald's Bank, Yulecart, Victoria State, Australia; 37 mm; Coll. Virgilio Liverani


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