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Species / Tylospira Scutulata


History and Synonymy


Struthiolaria oblita in Sowerby, 1842, pl. V, fig. 14, 15


Buccinum scutulatum Martyn, 1784 (reprinted in Chenu, 1845), pl. 55 (Chenu: pl. 18, fig. 1)


Struthiolaria scutulata in Reeve, 1851, Struthiolaria, pl. 1, fig. 2

Specimen from private collections

Tylospira scutulata (Martyn, 1784); Boydtown, New South Wales, Australia; dredged on sand bottom, just offshore, 15-20 m; Coll. Virgilio Liverani No. 4100-01/3

  1. 52,0 mm
  2. 41,0 mm

Tylospira scutulata; trawled, off Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia; 31.2 mm; Coll. Chong Chen Comment Chong Chen:

  • An endemic species of Eastern Australia, this is an example the of "Ostrich Foot" family, a very small family of about five species virtually restricted to Australia, New Zealand, and Southern Ocean. This species is the only extant species in genus Tylospira and is unusual in the family in having a very smooth shell. It relies on filter-feeding with its gills for food and lives in sandy bottoms around the depths of -5~90m. Uncommonly offered on the market but it is in fact locally common. Average size about 40mm, giants may exceed 60mm.

Tylospira scutulata; Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; collected in sand at 2-3m; Coll. Wieneke

  • t: UW2530: 34,3 mm
  • m: UW2528: 43,1 mm
  • b: UW2529: 38,8 mm


  • Struthiolaria oblita, Holotype, synonym of Tylospira scutulata; New Zealand; Coll. BM(NH) No. 1989131


  • Buccinum scutulatum Martyn, 1784
  • Struthiolaria oblita Sowerby, 1825


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