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Species / Tylospira Lirata


Original Description of Struthiolaria lirata by Tate, 1889, p. 169:

  • "Shell turbinately oval, sub-globose; whorls four and a half, those of the spire moderately convex; ornamented by strong, equi-distant, depressed lirae, becoming more slender posteriorly; a little narrower than the flat intervening sulci; lirae about ten to twelve on the penultimate whorl. Last whorl sub-quadrately rounded, shortly and broadly attenuated at the base; equi-distantly lirate, with a thread and a few striae in the interstitial spaces, obscurely marked with sigmoidal transverse striae. Aperture quadrately oval; outer lip much thickened; siphonal notch very short and narrow, not interrupting the outer rim of the lip. Dimensions. - Length 15.5; breadth, 12; length of aperture, 9."

Locus typicus: "Jemmy's Point, Gippsland Lakes (W.H. Gregson), South-East Australia"

Stratum typicum: Cheltenhamian (Late Miocene) to Kalimnan (Early Pliocene)

Dimensions: 15,5 to 25 mm

Struthiolaria lirata Tate, 1889, pl. X, fig. 11

Comment Tate, 1889, p. 170:

  • "The well-rounded whorls, not sulcated at the suture, and the simple lirate sculpture distinguish this species from all known congeneric forms either recent or fossil; this is the first record of the genus as a constituent of the Cainozoic fauna of Australia."


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