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Species / Tylospira Glomerata


Original description of Tylospira glomerata by Darragh, 1991

  • "Shell of small to medium size (29-35 mm) for genus, subspherical with very low spire of about 4 rounded whorls about 1/7 height of shell. Protoconch not observed. Spire whorls regularly convex; sutures impressed. Spiral sculpture of fine threads about as wide as interspaces; 12 threads visible on spire whorls. No axial sculpture. Last whorl and up to of penultimate whorl covered in thick callus; callus sculptured with coarse, slightly sinuate growth striae. Last whorl swollen, rounded. Aperture ovate, prominently notched at posterior suture, strongly notched anteriorly; columella very gently arched, covered with thick callus, extending posteriorly onto penultimate whorl. Outer lip subrectangular in outline. Siphonal fasciole moderately developed."

Locus typicus: Upper bed, Table Cape, near Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia.

Stratum typicum: Fossil Bluff Sandstone, Early Miocene


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