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Species / Pterocerellidae
  • Pterocerellidae Bandel, 2007

Original Diagnosis of the family Pterocerellidae by Bandel, 2007, p. :

  • "The spire consists of angular whorls with two or three spiral keels and relatively wide apical angle. The outer lip has three spikes with keels on the upper side and a groove on the lower side and the siphon is twisted upwards and to the side. In case of Pterocerella the marginal spines of the aperture may branch and be interconnected to each other by a web, in case of Tessarolax the spines have no lamellae on their sides. The protoconch is relatively wide with relatively large and lowly coiled embryonic whorl, smooth rounded larval shell of more than 1.5 mm in width and height and abrupt transition from larval shell to the teleoconch. Species existed from Mid Cretaceous to the end of the Cretaceous."

Etymology: "The family is named after Pterocerella which represents the genus of the group that is best known."

included genera

History and Synonymy


Bandel, 2007 included


Kollmann, 2009, p. 58:

  • "The Pterocerellinae are widely distributed in Lower Cretaceous low-energy environments and have been recorded from many parts of the world: From North Germany (KOLLMANN 1982), the Jura mountains in Switzerland (PICTET & CAMPICHE 1864) and the London-Paris Basin (GARDNER 1875; d'ORBIGNY 1843, 1850) in Europe; from the Albian of Madgascar (Tessarolax retusa C. SOWERBY after KIEL 2006); from Barremian deposits of Japan (KASE 1984). A further typical representative of Ceratosiphon GILL is "Pterocera" sp. indet. JELETZKI (1976) from Barremian deposits of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (own observation on JELETZKI 'S undescribed material). Aporrhais ? kentensis STANTON, 1947, from the Washita Group of Texas, agrees by its general outline but is only known from unfavourably preserved internal moulds (see also KOLLMANN, DECKER & LEMoNE 2002)."

Kollmann, 2009 inluded in the subfamily Pterocerellinae Bandel, 2007:

Kollmann, 2009 does not include


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