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Geology / Aquitanian


  • Miocene
    • Aquitanian

Hoelzl, 1962 mentions three different Aporrhais species from the Aquitanian of the Thalberg Graben near Traunstein, part of the Upper Bavarian Molasse.


The Holsteiner Gestein (Vierlandstufe) from Northern Germany belongs to the lower Aquitanian. Large Aporrhais aff. speciosa (?) can be found there.


A.W. Janssen & K. Gürs, 2002, p. 143:

  • "In northern Germany sedimentation of marine Miocene starts with the Lower Mica Clay (of Early Vierlandian age in the local chronostratigraphy). This clay hardly yields any fossils, apart from microfossils such as Foraminifera. On top of this clay the sediment suddenly changes to fine sand, which in the eastern part of the basin contains a molluscan fauna in which the most important pteropod species is Vaginella depressa Daudin, 1800. They generated at the storm-wave-base in an open sea and are overlain by deltaic deposits called 'Untere Braunkohlensande'. The age of this 'Lower Mica Finesand' is indicated as Late Vierlandian. These sands undoubtedly are the source level of the so-called 'Holsteiner Gestein' erratics, found reworked in fluvioglacial deposits. The boulders usually are small-sized pieces of reddish sideritic sandstone of local origin, frequently replete with a diverse array of commonly well-preserved benthic molluscs, as well as various holoplanktonic species."


King, 2016, p. 248:

  • Klintinghoved Formation
    • Lithology: Dominantly dark-brown silty clay, many thin sharp-based sand beds, often partly laminated (c. 125 m)
    • Depositional environment: Marine, inner to mid-neritic. The sand beds are interpreted as storm-generated

Gaj Beds in Pakistan belong to the Aquitanian


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