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Geology / Priabonian


Aporrhais of the Priabonian

During the Priabonian the following Stromboidea lived:


Martini, E, 1970, p. 225:

  • "Calcareous nannoplankton from the Brockenhurst Bed of Whitecliff Bay, Isle of Wight, belong to zone NP 20 of the standard Palaeogene calcareous nannoplankton zonation, indicating that the stratigraphic position of the Brockenhurst Bed is in the uppermost Eocene, and not equivalent to the type Lattorfian (Lower Oligocene)."


Roegl, 1999, p. 340:

  • "By the northward movement of India the Tethys Ocean vanished. The western end of the relic Tethys connected the Indo-Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Northward the Turgai Strait opened to the Polar Sea, and hindered an intracontinental mammal migration. Europe was still an archipelago in the Eocene."


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