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Geology / Eocene



  • Eocene

Map of the Eocene (50 ma)

Copyright by Ron Blakey

Aporrhaidae from the Eocene

Rimellidae from the Eocene

Rostellariidae from the Eocene

Seraphidae from the Eocene

Strombidae from the Eocene

Struthiolariidae from the Eocene

Thersitheidae from the Eocene


  • I. Arua. 1988. Paleoecology of the Eocene Ameki Formation of southeastern Nigeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences 7(7/8):925-932
  • K.I. Schnetler & C. Heilmann-Clausen, 2011. The molluscan fauna of the Eocene Lillebælt Clay, Denmark; Cainozoic Research, 8(1-2), 41-99, Fulltext

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