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Geology / Bathonian



  • Dogger
    • Bathonian

There are several Stromboidea species described from the Bathonian:

The Bathonian world can be seperated into several faunal provinces:

  • northwestern Tethyan provinces (European platforms)
  • southwest Tethyan margin (Maghreb)
  • southeast Tethyan margin
  • Boreal Province
  • Circum-Pacific provinces
  • Indo-Madagascan Province

(see Moyne et al.)

Etymology: from Bath, a town in England, the name was derived from the "Bath Oolite"


  • Equivalent stage in Germany: Brauner Jura, Dogger epsilon
  • Series belonging to the Bathonian:
    • The Great (or Bath) Oolite series of England
    • Caen stone of Normandy, France
    • "Hauptrogenstein" of Swabia, southwest Germany
    • "Eisenkalk" of northwest Germany
    • "Klaus-Schichten" of the Austrian Alps
    • Cornbrash
    • Forest Marble with Bradford Clay
    • Stonesfield Slate
    • Fullers' Earth
  • Rocks of Bathonian age also occur in
    • in the extreme north of North America
    • in the Arctic regions
    • Greenland,
    • Franz Josef Land
    • in Africa
      • Algeria
      • Msemrir, Central High Atlas, Morocco
      • Tanzania
      • Madagascar
      • near the Cape of Good Hope (Enon Beds);
    • in India
      • Rajputana
      • Gulf of Kutch (Kutch belongs to a distinct Indo-Madagascan Faunal Province)
    • in South America


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