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Geography / Antarctica



The broad shallow-water, Late Cretaceous to Early Tertiary region along the southern circum-Pacific had been a single faunal province called the Weddellian Province (Zinsmeister, 1979). The Weddellian Province included the southern parts of South America, Australia and New Zealand. The latter two were located much more in the south than today. Within this region the earliest known Struthiolariidae in form of the genera Conchothyra and Perissodonta evolved in the Upper Cretaceous. Perissodonta is still living in the waters around Antarctica. The genera Antarctodarwinella and Struthiolarella were found there in the Early Tertiary.

There are several fossil and one recent species of Stromboidea known from Antarctica.

Aporrhaidae from Antarctica:

Struthiolariidae from Antarctica:



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