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Geology / Paleocene


  • Paleocene

Map of the Cretaceous - Tertiary boundary (65 ma, Maastrichtian/Danian)

Copyright by Ron Blakey

Aporrhaidae from the Paleocene are:

Anchura (Kangilioptera) ravni Rosenkrantz 1970; Holotype; Danian, Paleocene; Kangilia, Greenland; Coll. MMH no. 10797; Geological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark; Photo Sten Lennart Jacobsen

Rimellidae from the Paleocene are:

Rostellariidae from the Paleocene are:

Seraphidae from the Paleocene are:

Spinilomatidae from the Paleocene are:

Struthiolariidae from the Paleocene are:

Xenophoridae from the Paleocene are:


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